Discipled Living

Step up your life as an empowered disciple of Jesus Christ.  Become the dynamic, faith-filled, vision driven follower of Jesus Christ shining your light into the darkness of other's lives and showing them a better way to LIVE!

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Areas of Discipleship Instruction

Discipled Living requires clear instruction and direction for growing into the personhood Christ offers to every believer. The sections below are designed to direct you by providing three areas of focus. You choose where you begin your journey into maturing discipleship.


RelationSpace offers Biblical instruction for building and keeping healthy, life-giving & loving relationships. RelationSpace provides insight for all relationship types; including the platonic, familial, personal and intimate.


Paideia is dedicated to the practice and demonstration of Faith of maturing Believers who are growing into dynamic disciples. Paideia offers Biblical Exposition designed to focus on the practical daily living as a disciple of Jesus Christ


FaithBuilders is designed to encourage, comfort and empower believers to grow in Faith through a clearer understanding of the Word of God. It connects you to the freedom and the demands The Lord expects of those called to the life of faith.

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